Netherlands amsterdam red light district

netherlands amsterdam red light district

They can tell you everything about Amsterdam, the Red Light District and the Dutch way of life. If you fancy a drink after the tour, our guides can bring you to their. Amsterdam Red Light District HD . Dutch prostitutes are not run by underground rings, these are people. Mariska Majoor of Amsterdam's Prostitution Information Center and former red light district. netherlands amsterdam red light district

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There are other things to see here. In , the council raised the minimum age for prostitutes from 18 to 21 and introduced mandatory red-light window closing hours between 6am and 8am. Safety is key here. In possession of a valid identity document. The brothel operator has to contribute to the safety of the prostitute by being present at all time in case of emergencies. Like a real hospital, there are hospital beds to have a seat in and surgery lamps which shine their coloured lights on the erotic dancing nurses. If you do partake, always exercise caution; even many regular smokers can't stomach the local product. It's something unique, you won't find anywhere in the world. Was this review …? Besides, following the pack, touring the neighborhood caravan-style up and down the


Evening Walk to the Amsterdam Red Light District The Wallen in Holland - The Netherlands


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